Flexible Scopes

Unitas Medical Services maximizes quality repair of flexible endoscopes while delivering substantial cost savings. Extended warranty on major flexible repair is standard.

Unitas Medical Services state of the art flexible endoscope repair facility is equipped with every piece of diagnostic equipment necessary to assure UMS delivers the highest quality repairs. Upon arrival at our St. Louis lab, each endoscope is put through a 31-point evaluation. This check-in inspection simulates all functions of the endoscope as is experienced under clinical conditions. The results are communicated to our customer and a quote for the repair cost is given. After agreement upon the extent and cost of the work, the repair is completed in a timely fashion, according to manufacturer's specs. The endoscope is then returned to the customer. With every repair, a Certificate of Conformance is completed which reflects the compliance of the repair work with our Good Manufacturing Practices — GMP's. In the unlikely event UMS cannot repair the endoscope, our customer is consulted, and the scope is either forwarded to the manufacturer or returned to our customer, at their option.

Loaner Equipment

Loaner equipment for all repair specialties is available on a request basis. UMS is always willing to help with loaner needs due to special circumstances. It is our goal to ease the customary pain of the repair process.

Warranty Statement

Unitas Medical Services, Inc. unconditionally warranties all repairs it performs for a period of 90 days to 6 months, depending upon categories, to be free from defects in materials or workmanship.

This warranty does not cover repairs for damage caused by accidental or intentional damage, abnormal abuse or misuse.

Should you have a problem with one of our repairs please bring it to our attention immediately. If, for whatever reason, we can't bring the instrument back to 100% manufacturer's specifications, we will credit the repair and purchase a replacement instrument of your choice at no additional charge to you.

  • Olympus - Master Technician
  • Fujinon — Factory Trained
  • Pentax — Full Service Capabilities